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Andie, a self-taught artist, fills her work with natural honesty and joy.  Her images have a broad appeal and range from wild and tame birds, to flowers, cats, abstracts and surfing. Andie grew up in Hawaii and California, so her works are inspired by sunlight and open air.

Eka Karina lives on the north shore of the island of Bali, near the city of Lovina.  A member of a traditional community, her designs reflect a life rich with Buddhist ceremonies and brilliantly colored nature. She has also contributed vintage photos from her family, which can be applied to cups, pillows, totes and tees.

Bali currently experiences difficult conditions owing to the effects of the coronavirus on tourism, which drives the local economy. All proceeds from sales of Eka's designs go directly to her village.

Mme. Clotilde Vayer is the Maestro di ballo in Chief of the Paris Opera. In a distinguished career as a dancer she performed internationally, including touring with Rudolf Nureyev. She's fascinated by classical jewelry, and hand-makes unique creations. Each is an hommage inspired by the greatest portraits of the golden age. 

Cat Soubbotnik is a European artist living and working in Switzerland, Germany and France. She is fascinated with natural process, and her work spans photography, sculpture, installation and design.. 

Mike Berg is an American artist living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. His explorations of geometric designs, scribbled and splattered patterns and new motifs are often recreated in other media. 

Kanaho Morisue, from Okayama, Japan designs for people of the future. Visit her dedicated page to order t-shirts, cups, pillows and tote bags.

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