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2022 Sweet Cream

Yippee, good news!

Sweet Cream is back.

Once again I’m on the beach in sunny California, and making Sweet Cream.

If the supply chain cooperates, within the month cream will ship, before Thanksgiving, definitely available before Christmas 2022.

It all comes down to when the ingredients arrive.

I will be making

  • Original lemon/lavender scent

  • Enzo patchouli/lavender scent, and

  • Unscented

all available in 4 oz. screw cap container.



Please send an email message to let me know approximately how many you would like or

You may pre-order at the Paula Sweet shop on Etsy
where credit cards are accepted
or by direct email to

You can remit by PayPal to Linear Designs

You can access a printable invoice here


$34 per 4oz. screw top container

please add $3 per container for US Priority Mail shipping

International shipping rates on request


The next batch is scheduled for March 2023

Enjoy your skin!

Whatever goes on your skin should be good enough to eat.

Sweet Cream has all organic ingredients with nothing extra.



Kayla used to spend a lot of time outdoors training and riding horses; now she has a one-year old son.
Once upon a time I worked in ceramics, wet clay.

Back then, together we formulated a water-free, natural, organic, healing, soothing cream to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Sweet Cream contains only natural and organic ingredients

Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea & Kokum Butters, Jojoba, Kukui Nut, Vitamin E & Essential Oils, Lecithin 

for external use only    . wear it everywhere

offered in a 4 oz. screw top container

Sweet Cream

  • healing

  • soothing

  • luxurious

  • moisturizing

  • contains no water or chemicals

PS portrait 11.07.2019.jpg
2022 cream labels 4 oz big squares_ORIG.jpg
2022 cream labels 4 oz big squares_ENZO.jpg
2022 cream labels 4 oz big squares_UNSC.jpg

lemon/lavender scent

patchouli/lavender scent

fragrance free

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