Paula Sweet

b. 1949, Berwyn IL USA

BA 1971, University of California, Irvine

Dean's List, Honors in Fine Art


Paula Sweet photographed by Magnus Arrevad

Solo and Group Shows

Presenze Veneziane,  group show Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery


Video produced by Sandro Capitano


UNESCO Vicenza    Photographs of Lovers

Artist residency, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice

Beyond Magazine, Essential Objects, illustrations by Paula Sweet

A Game with Names and Numbers, Archivio Emily Harvey, Venezia


Leporelli Veneziani,  Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery


The Vicentini, one person show, Punto Ottico, Vicenza


Emily Harvey Foundation Residency

Artist residency, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice


George Segal Gallery, Montclair University



Pacific Standard Time   Best Kept Secret, Laguna Art Museum

Studio MNX   Myself Talking to Myself, Los Angeles, CA



Accents on Design Gift Show, NY Javits Center



Apparel and Gift Mart Showrooms, Dallas, Atlanta, LA Chicago, Florida, NY, SF, Seattle.



Bergdorf Goodman Windows, 57th St

Bergdorf Goodman Table Top Dept, New York


Barneys Windows, New York


Bloomingdales Windows, New York


Table Linens for the Central Park Conservancy Annual, Frederick Law Olmsted Awards


Janey Kline Gallery, NYC


Chiostro Di Santa Maria Di Castello, Genoa Italy

Windows on 15th Street, New York


Islip Art Museum, New York

Carrington Gallery, Madison Ave NYC


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Galleria Del Cavallino, Venice Italy

The Functional Art Gallery, Los Angeles


Otis- Parsons School of Design Los Angeles

Waldo’s Designs, Beverly Hills

American Artists Designer Collection, Chicago


La Louver and Surya, Beverly Hills

LAICA Los Angeles

Fiorucci and LAICA, Beverly Hills

“Hot Couture” Venice CA

American Artist Designer Collection, Beverly Hills

Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia PA

Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary A

La Louver Gallery, Los Angeles

Karen Bernard Dance Company, New York


Loyola Marymount University

West Beach Café, Venice CA

Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach CA

Mandeville Art Center UC San Diego

LACMA, Los Angeles


Galleria Del Cavallino, Venice Italy

Galerie Jacques Bosser, Paris

La Louver Gallery, Los Angeles

Hanson Cowles Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

LACMA, Los Angeles


LAICA, Los Angeles

La Louver Gallery, Los Angeles

Gallery Krebs, Bern, Switzerland


Mt. St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles


Laguna Beach Museum of Art

Nick Wilder Gallery

Roger Wong Gallery, Los Angeles

Main Street Design Center Los Angeles


Pasadena Artists’ Concern, Pasadena CA


Roger Wong Gallery, Los Angeles

T.J.B. Gallery, Newport Beach


Newspace, Los Angeles


UC Irvine Gallery, Irvine





Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Chiostro Di Santa Maria Di Castello, Genoa Italy

Bo Diddley

Whoopi Goldberg

Mariel Kallis Steinberg Newman, NY

Waldo Fernandez, Los Angeles

Andre Stasart, Brussels Belgium

Luigino Rossi, Padua Italy

Gabriella Cardozzo , Venice Italy

Pearl Bailey

Bette Midler, NY

Nancy Hoffman, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Rosenberg, NY

Walter Shapiro, New York

Meryl Gordon, New York

Sylvia Simon, New York

Holly Solomon, New York

Elizabeth and Peter Goulds, Los Angeles

Julie Nixon, USA




Tommy Award, Women’s Dresses


Tommy Award, Women’s Sportswear


Palos Verdes CA. Art Association Award



Artists Design Furniture, Domergue Abrams


Furnishings by Artists Otis/Parsons Gallery


La Calzatura Della Riviera Del Brenta, Venezia

Features International Magazines



"The Sweet Artistic Life of Paula Sweet"



British Vogue, June


Saison, Japan, April, 5 Color Pages

Features USA Magazines


More, September



Brides, April May

Better Homes and Gardens, June

LDB Interior Textiles, Cover, August



Tableware Today, October/November

Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchen/Bath, Spring



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Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchen-baths Fall

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LDB Interior Textiles, August



LDB Interior Textiles, August Full Page Color

Woman’s Day, Volume 5 Number 1

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Gourmet, November

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Country Living, July

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Traditional Home, Companion, July

Woman’s Day, Volume 4 Number 2

Woman’s Day, Volume 3 Number 9



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Cosmopolitan, September

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Woman’s Day, December, Volume 3 Number3



New York Magazine, May 25



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Selected Retail Stores


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Saks Fifth Ave

Henri Bendel



Marshal Fields

Selected Catalogues


Neiman Marcus

Bergdorf Goodman


Los Angeles



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Selected Full Page Advertising


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First and only Issue of Egg Magazine...Forbes

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Paula Sweet is perhaps best known for creating the Muslin Mink jacket, which can be found in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An artist, inventor and teacher, Sweet was born in Illinois and grew up in Maryland, the daughter of an artist and a physicist.

At 11, she moved with her family to the west coast, leaving behind her girlfriends who played with dolls to meet new Palos Verdes, California girls who had kissing parties with surfers who wore no shoes.

She attended Rolling Hills High School and won the Palos Verdes Art Assoc Award in 1967 and spent her summers studying product design at Chouinard Art Institute and life drawing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.


In 1971 she graduated from The University of California Irvine on the dean's honor list, where she studied art history with Barbara Rose and ceramic sculpture with John Mason.

Her next move was to Venice California; where she worked for and assisted the artists Billy Al Bengston and Robert Graham.

While residing in Venice, Sweet’s work began to be recognized with two solo shows at the La Louver Gallery. The Paula Sweet Shop on Melrose, opened by Waldo of Waldo’s Designs, featured her hand painted textiles. Internationally her art works were represented by the Galleria Del Cavallino in Venice Italy. While in Italy, she began to study yoga with Rademes Silvestri, a first generation student of Iyengar.


When she needed a coat for a cool California night and a hot date Sweet invented the Muslin Mink, a coat made of natural muslin resembling fur which could be machine washed. This casual but luxurious item was sold by Donald Pliner at the Right Bank Clothing Co and Fiorucci in Beverly Hills.

As the Mink grew in popularity it was produced in larger numbers and sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and other high end retailers. The largest quantities were sold by Speigel Catalogue, where the Muslin Mink was featured on the cover.


Because simple and beautiful is her mission, during a party in her garden, after guests finished eating their delicious salads of layered lettuce, she asked them to turn over their plates to receive their hot off the grill juicy chicken. Thus was born the reversible dish, produced and sold in an edition by La Louver Gallery. Her ceramics were hand painted in Italy, and along with her table top linen designs, were sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and among others Henri Bendel.


In 1979 Sweet moved to NYC, showing drawings out of Holly Solomon’s back room and mass producing the Muslin Mink.

It was in Tribecca that she began her paintings of NYC Roof Tops.

In the 1980’s when a friend suffered disabling sciatica, he became her first yoga student. She furthered her yoga studies with Radames Silvestri in Italy and Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten in Greece.


As her experience in teaching yoga grew, she began to see that what most interested her was that an individual’s characteristics, such as, intelligence, reticence, joy, and patience are present and visible in the physical body and face. Each person, living creature, and plant is made of a unique recipe created through the daily living of their own life, similar to how vines in their shape show the precise voyage that they’ve made searching for the light. Human faces likewise are a record of a journey.


In 1992 her daughter was born and in 1999 she moved to Rural New Jersey where nature continued to be the inspiration for her art and life.


Sweet’s large portrait sculptures focus on actions and responses that have been recorded in the flesh and become visible over time as they become repeated often enough to make a path. We can see this clearly in wrinkles. Sweet is not interested in wrinkles, but rather the deeper more often overlooked pathways in the skin that delineate the strengths and beauty of the unique recipe that is that individual.


Sweet’s Ink portrait Drawings are done from life and capture many ingredients of the sitter’s unique recipe.


The large portrait sculptures are done from photographs that she takes herself. Multiple shots of different angles and expressions enable her to study the movements in the skin that have been recorded over time forming the character defining shapes of the present face. Facial expressions are as fleeting as yoga poses; Sweet is interested in the pure face underneath the expression as it reveals itself in its present state, a product of its life voyage. Much the same as the body in a yoga pose  reveals today what it has been in the past.

Paula Sweet hopes that you enjoy all that you see here.

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