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Venetian Collection

From November 2020 to February 2021 I experienced an extraordinary Venice, one that has not been seen for decades. It was more like the Venice I knew fifty years ago, when I first arrived as a young artist. For three months during the Pandemic I wandered aimlessly where the narrow streets led me.  I photographed marble and tiles, mosaics and carvings, ironwork and crumbling walls. I happened upon lost doorways, beautifully carved, and secret gardens behind high walls. I saw rippling water, countless reflections, the light and color shimmering off the canals.  I took thousands of pictures. This collection is inspired by the things I saw.  In it I have shared with you the precious details of life in extraordinary Venice today. I hope you will enjoy these images on everyday objects and fashion.

PS portrait 11.07.2019.jpg
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