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Mandalas Collection

Joy, meditation, Zen and the spirit of Frida Kahlo combine with crazy colors and wildflowers to shape the new Mandala Collection. It’s conceived in appreciation of the gifts of the outdoors, inner reflection, and the benefits of being good to oneself. Surround yourself with everyday objects which honor humanity and the beauty and innocence of nature.


During an artist residency in Switzerland, Cat Soubbotnik gathered petals and greens from nearby fields for color, shape and texture. Using sacred geometry she arranged them in spirals of joy.


Paula’s brilliant colors and lines frame Cat’s inspirational mandalas. They live on clothing and home décor and blend nature, art and fashion.

Also available from Second Guess Press

and on Amazon, Cat Soubbotnik’s collectible

full-color book Mandalas.

Mandalas cover.jpg
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